Kosso Basin Aid Shelter

Shelter on Yela in the Stanton system
Yela Kosso-Basin-Aid-Shelter Twilight.jpg
Kosso Basin Aid Shelter
LocationStanton system    On Yela

Kosso Basin Aid Shelter is a shelter designed for emergency use, located on Yela.


The shelter was named after the landscape of the same name. Mario Kosso was the first head of Crusader's emergency response unit. Established to provide support and rescue services to those who found themselves in need on Crusader's moons, Kosso lead the response to the team's first distress beacon, which came from this basin. It was named in his honor upon his retirement in 2938.[1]

Visitor information

Travel Map marker
Quantum marker
Hazards Extreme cold
Control Jurisdiction Crusader
Comm-array coverage
Armistice zone
Private property
Landing accomodation
Pads Unavailable
Surface landing Available


Service Provider
Commodity trading Unavailable
Delivery handling Unavailable
Repair, rearm & refuel Unavailable
Ground vehicle spawning Unavailable


  1. Datamined from Alpha 3.10.0
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