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MicroTech Logistics Depot S4LD13

Distribution Center on microTech (planet) in the Stanton system
MicroTech Logistics Depot S4LD13, microTech.webp
MicroTech Logistics Depot S4LD13
LocationStanton system    On microTech (planet)
ClassificationDistribution Center

MicroTech Logistics Depot S4LD13 is a microTech-owned distribution center located on planet microTech in the Stanton system.[1]

"microTech uses depots like this location to support their large catalogue of consumer electronics. Please note that only designated contractors may visit this facility, with access to the interior of the depot restricted to employees only."
Map description


This distribution center was added in Alpha 3.23, and is featured in the game's main menu background.


  1. In-game map survey. Alpha 3.23 - Star Citizen. Retrieved 2024-04-18
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