Everus Harbor

Trade hub in the Stanton system
Everus Harbor
Type Space station
Classification Trade hub
System Stanton
Orbits Hurston
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Hurston Dynamics
Owner Rest & Relax
Shops & services Administration Office
Armor Shop
Cargo Deck
Casaba Outlet
Platinum Bay
Traveler Ship Rentals

Everus Harbor is a space station that is in a geostationary orbit around Hurston, located above Lorville.

Hurston's primary port of call for Lorville for all large-scale incoming and outgoing cargo. Everus Harbor has been outfitted with a handful of amenities for capital ships and travelers looking for a quick stopover before heading down to the planet surface.[1]


Buy Price Last updated: February 4, 2022; 9 months ago (2022-02-04)
Sell Price Last updated: January 12, 2021; 22 months ago (2021-01-12)
Commodity Buy Sell
Aphorite 152.51
Compboard 22.50
Distilled Spirits 5.67
Dolivine 130.00
Hydrogen 1.12
Medical Supplies 19.37
Processed Food 1.56
Stims 3.86
Scrap 1.36


Everus Harbor.jpg


  1. In-game starmap
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