Klescher Rehabilitation Facility (Aberdeen)

Prison on Aberdeen in the Stanton system
Klescher Rehabilitation Facility Aberdeen.png
Klescher Rehabilitation Facility (Aberdeen)
LocationStanton system    On Aberdeen

The Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen is an automated prison and is managed by the corporation of the same name where arrested criminals work off their sentences through a combination of serving time and performing mining labor.

As of Patch 3.11, being arrested works as follows: In order to be considererd a criminal worth being imprisoned, a player has to accumulate a CrimeStat of 2 or higher. If such a player is shot at by another player or NPC valid to arrest them (Station security or Bounty Hunter), a timer is started, ranging in duration between 1 to 3 minutes. If during this time the criminal dies, he will be arrested and wakes up at Klescher Rehab. If the timer was initiated by a player character, that person has for a brief window of opportunity after kill to "not press charges", resulting in no arrest being made.

Upon arrest, a sentence depending on the CrimeStat previously accumulated will be placed upon the convict. For example, a CrimeStat of 4 results in a sentence of 8.5 hours.[1] CrimeStat 3 results in 2 hours. This sentence can be served while offline. However, there are ways to reduce the sentence, by use of a currency called Merits. These can be earned through various tasks, and are tradeable between players. Any unused Merits are erased upon exit from the facility.

Prison gameplay

Most of prison gameplay is focused around Merits, which can be used to shorten a sentence. Acquistion of Merits is mostly done through mining in the the facilities cave system. The necessary mining equipment is provided to the player upon spawning in the facility. Be aware that the Armistice Zone does not extend into the cave system, so prisoners should be aware of fellow inmates with ill intent. Furthermore, the caves are outside the pressurised facility grounds. For this reason, oxygen dispensers are placed throughout the caves, so refills can be made. These dispensers break down from time to time, initiating a mission to repair them, which also is awarded with Merits. Once sufficient ore has been mined, it can be deposited in a mineral deposit hopper at the main facility.

Material Merit value
Hadanite 460
Dolivine 250
Aphorite 60

Merits can also be used to access commodities through the Prisons commissaries. Available items are the following:

Item Merit cost
Med-Pen 200
Oxy-Pen 200
Water 3
OneMeal Nutrition Bars (Three Varieties) 5
Pyro RYT Multi-Tool 730

Prison break

The Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen has one escape route. After escaping from the prison, the player will need a ship in order to travel to a security outpost and a Cryptokey to hack a security terminal to clear their CrimeStat. After their CrimeStat is cleared, their personal assets will be returned to them.

Escape route #1: Ventilation fan
As a general rule of thumb, follow the blue plant. Yellow paint indicates climbable ledges.
  1. Go towards the mining cave past the plastic curtain
  2. Turn to the right and walk up to the window, zoom into the monitor and take a note of the passcode
  3. Go back to the cafeteria and look towards block 1, you will see a damaged ventilation fan
  4. Jump to the ventilation fan and enter the passcode into the keypad
  5. Follow the path and drop all the way down to the bottom
  6. Go straight past the blue flare and the blue plant, then turn left at the intersection
  7. Climb onto the block with tree root and turn left
  8. Turn right then continue straight until the end, then turn right and climb up
  9. Follow the path and climb over the blocks in the green-lit area with the blue plant, then turn right and climb up
  10. Follow the path straight and walk towards the end of the high ceiling cave
  11. Climb up the ledge and jump to the ledge across behind, then do the same again and continue going up
  12. Turn right at the blue plant inintersection, follow the path until you get to a cliff
  13. Sprint and jump towards the triangular cave, then turn to the right and jump across to the ledge
  14. Follow the path and drop down to the ledge, then jump across the ledges in this order: right, left, right, left
  15. Climb up and follow the path, then jump onto the damaged metal platform
  16. Jump over to the metal platform lit by a pink flare, then turn around and jump over to the platform at the metal ring
  17. Turn left and keep climbing up, then jump onto the platform on the left of the ring
  18. Continue to climb up, follow the path then turn right at the intersection
  19. Walk to the cliff then jump across to the ledge, then jump over to the dead prisoner with the pink flare
  20. Follow the path all the way up until you reach a cliff next to the circular structure with a pink flare, the jump across
  21. Turn around and follow the path on the right, jump to the damage platform in the middle then jump to the exit
  22. Continue into the tunnel and look for an office window, zoom into the monitor and take a note of the two passcodes and the corresponding containers (optional)
  23. Follow the path and until you get to the exterior, you can either be picked up by other players or continue to go up for the Ursa rover

To be picked up without trespassing (optional):

  1. Climb the staircases all the way to the end and beware of the holes, step up onto the crate and jump to the metal platform on top of the light
  2. Jump onto the pipe and walk towards the surface
  3. Look around for large containers, use the passcode to unlock the door to access the Ursa rover
  4. Drive to a safe area such as the Barton Flats Aid Shelter and be picked up by other players





Hey Duggy,

Know you’re going through with the "plan" tomorrow so I wanted to give you my lucky spoon. Left it under your pillow. This thing has seen me through a lot of shit. Hell, I was eating some soup with it the first time we met!

And remember, it’s not yours. Totally expect you to return it to me once we meet up next month!

First round of soup’s on you.



Datapad #2: "[ DRAFT ] YOU LIED"

"Title: "[ DRAFT ] YOU LIED"


You had promised me that we would do this together. That we could do anything together.

And now I’m alone.

We could have just stayed. It would have been hard but at least you would still be here.

But you said this would be better and you lied.

Now I just keep imagining your face when you fell, the sound when that branch pierced you.

I don’t know how to go on without you."

Datapad #3: "ESCAPE PLAN"



I had to pay all my merits but Des came through! Made me memorize it -

Fan Left Drop Jump Right Left Jump x 3 Drop Get the key


Datapad #4: "SONG IDEAS & LYRICS"



Trapped in a cage, diggin’ for rocks Hope seems far, from behind these locks Each day a grind, I’m wearing away Serving my time, the light’s so far away

Got to break free Can’t wait a moment more Got to break freeeeee Runnin’ fast, feet hit the floor

Got to break free Freedom can’t ever die Got to break freeeeee Runnin’ fast, my chance to fly.

Then this next verse will be about how I start a new life once I get out."




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The Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen was implemented with Alpha 3.9.0.[2] In Alpha 3.10.0, repair missions for the oxygen dispensers are added.[3] In Alpha 3.11.0, a keypad is added to the ventilation fan used for the escape route. The Prison Commissary Vending Machines were updated to cost Merits.[4]


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