VariPuck S3 Gimbal Mount

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VariPuck S3 Gimbal Mount.jpg
VariPuck S3 Gimbal Mount
Manufacturer Flashfire Systems
Type Weapon Mount
Size 3
UEC Price 7000
Payload Size 2
Payload Quantity 1

Need more flexibility in your weapon coverage? Tired of having to maneuver a 20,000 kg ship to adjust for a few inches of accuracy? Let Flashfire Systems' new VariPuck weapon mount system give you those extra degrees of precision. Available in a variety of sizes, the VariPuck fits between your weapon and the ship hardpoint to transform a fixed weapon mount into a gimballed mount, allow the pilot to independently aim their weapon's fire without having to adjust their flight path or commit to a full-size turret. VariPucks will accept any weapon one Size smaller than the hardpoint it is mounting to.

Use this Flashfire Gimbal Mount to turn a fixed Size 3 hardpoint into a Size 2 gimbal mount.

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