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Comm-Link:Spectrum Dispatch

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Project:Comm-Link Archive Scratchspace

Style Guide/Example: Help:Example_Comm-Link Exemplar: Comm-Link:2113 - When Do We Go Too Far? (Article best following example.)

Each team member will be assigned a section to work on. We can create links here. Consider this a scratch area.

To get assigned, just volunteer and grab a section, edit this page. Ask for help in the Discord #wiki-help if you need it.

Remember to edit title! Add "Comm-Link:"! Convert following ":" "#" "[ ]" to " - "! Remove Quotes & Parens

Still needed

Stories yet to have volunteers:

  • The Cup
  • One Good Deed
  • The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

News Update

Warning: many of the News Update articles on the RSI website also belong to other categories, given below.


Lore Builder

Time Capsule

Assigned to User:Czenstar

Advocacy Archive

Assigned to User:Jeffyen


Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Note - Dropping "Advertisements -" from the title as the Comm-Links didn't have that. We can still use that as the "Series" name though.

Aremis Post articles


Clean Shot

Congress Now



Empire Report

Assigned to User:Ghostncoffee

Far From Home

Galactic Guide

Assigned to User:Xsys


Assigned to User:VangsterIX


Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Mining Rocks

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

New United

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

New United Presents

The Observist

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

The Observist Lifestyle

OP.NET Merc News

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Plain Truth


Many portfolio articles were published as transmissions.


Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Something Every Tuesday

Spectrum Spectator


Stoddard Research Center

Terra Gazette articles

This Day in History

Assigned to User:Maltroth


Assigned to User:Jeffyen


Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Untold Tales

Assigned to User:VangsterIX

Cassandra's Tears

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Tales of Kid Crimson

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

Whisperer in the Dark

The Lost Generation

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

A Human Perspective

Assigned to User:Jeffyen

A Separate Law

Assigned to User:Jeffyen


Assigned to User:Jeffyen

The First Run

Orbital Supermax

Collision Course

The Cup

One Good Deed

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

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