Slayer Cannon

Size 5 vehicle weapon manufactured by Hurston Dynamics
Slayer Cannon
ManufacturerHurston Dynamics (HRST)
TypeBallistic Cannon

The Slayer Cannon is a size 5 vehicle ballistic cannon made specifically for the Nova tank. It is manufactured by Hurston Dynamics.[1]

In-game description

Designed specifically for the Nova tank, Hurston Dynamics' Slayer ballistic cannon earned its illustrious reputation through countless battlefield engagements during the Second Tevarin War. This battlefield beast excels against armored targets and fortified emplacements by firing large caliber artillery rounds with astounding accuracy and velocity. Hurston worked closely with Tumbril when the tank manufacturer decided to bring back the Nova. Though they painstakingly honored the original Slayer design, Hurston also updated it for the 30th century by improving the pivot speed, heat resistance, and associated software to provide a state-of-the-art gunner UI.


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