Dominance-2 Scattergun

Size 2 vehicle weapon manufactured by Hurston Dynamics
Dominance-2 - PU Cutout.jpg
Dominance-2 Scattergun
ManufacturerHurston Dynamics (HRST)
TypeLaser Scattergun

The Hurston Dynamics Dominance-2 Scattergun is a size 2 vehicle laser scattergun. It is a part of the Dominance series laser scattergun.[1]


The harder the fight, the harder the Dominance-2 scattergun works. As its thermal levels increase, the size two weapon from Hurston Dynamics is able utilize cascade technology to turn that thermal potential into an even deadlier close-quarters attack.

Universe availability

Standard on


The size 1 to 3 models of Dominance series was introduced in Alpha 3.3.0.[2]


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