NDB-26 Repeater

Size 1 vehicle weapon manufactured by MaxOx
NDB-Series Repeater Sizes 1-3 - Cutout Left.jpg
NDB-26 Repeater
ManufacturerMaxOx (MXOX)
TypeNeutron Repeater

The MaxOx NDB-26 Repeater is a size 1 vehicle neutron repeater. It is a part of the NDB series neutron repeater.[1]

It functions identically to its laser repeater counterparts in game as of Alpha 3.20.0 with the only notable differences being that the weapon fires light blue colored projectiles rather than the traditional red and also has unique sound effects. These distinctions are purely cosmetic in the current state of weapons balancing.


The NDB-26 uses a twin barrel system to fire neutron projectiles at a rapid rate. Devastating at close range, this neutron repeater still packs enough of a wallop at medium range to persuade any attackers to reconsider their assault.

Universe availability

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  1. In-game description 3.10.0
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