SW16BR3 "Shredder" Repeater

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
SW16BR3 Shredder - Shop Display Cutout.jpg
SW16BR3 "Shredder" Repeater
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
TypeBallistic Repeater

The Behring SW16BR3 "Shredder" Repeater is a size 3 ballistic Ship to Ship repeater. It is a part of the SW16 series ballistic repeater.[1]

In-game description

Blast your way out of trouble with this Behring size three ballistic repeater. The SW16BR3 "Shredder" distributes heat across both barrels to keep it firing when needed most. The weapon's shot grouping and damage falloff make it most deadly at medium or close range.


SW16BR3 "Shredder" Repeater was introduced in Alpha 3.4.[2]

Stock loadout

This weapon is in the stock loadout for:


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