Deadbolt V Cannon

Size 5 vehicle weapon manufactured by Esperia
Deadbolt V Cannon
ManufacturerEsperia (ESPR)
TypeBallistic Cannon

The Esperia Deadbolt V Cannon is a size 5 vehicle ballistic cannon. It is a part of the Deadbolt series ballistic cannon, which is the modernized version of the Tevarin ballistic cannon used in the First Tevarin War.[1]


Spread dread with the Deadbolt V ballistic cannon. Feared for its firepower at short range, this notorious Tevarin weapon earned its intimidating reputation during the First Tevarin War as part of the Tevarin fleet's devastating arsenal. Esperia has painstakingly recreated the Deadbolt V out of respect to the original weapon and warriors who used it so effectively.

Universe availability

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  1. In-game description 3.10.0
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