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Suckerpunch-L Cannon

Size 2 vehicle weapon manufactured by Joker Engineering
Suckerpunch-L Cannon
ManufacturerJoker Engineering (JOKR)
TypeDistortion Cannon

The Joker Suckerpunch-L Cannon is a size 2 long-range distortion cannon that drains your target's power supply rather than damaging the physical body of the ship, making it ideal for law-enforcement or other applications.[1][2]

In-game description

Silently strike from afar with the Suckerpunch. Joker's long-range size two distortion cannon drains a target's power system, leaving them helpless to defend against what you have planned next. An ideal choice for law enforcement, bounty hunters, and other non-lethal operations.


The Suckerpunch-L Cannon was released in Alpha 3.4.[3] It was originally scheduled to release in Alpha 3.2, then rescheduled to Alpha 3.3 and subsequently Alpha 3.4.[citation needed ]



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