NDB-30 Repeater

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by MaxOx
NDB-Series Repeater Sizes 1-3 - Cutout Left.jpg
NDB-30 Repeater
ManufacturerMaxOx (MXOX)
TypeNeutron Repeater

The MaxOx NDB-30 Repeater is a size 3 vehicle neutron repeater. It is a part of the NDB series neutron repeater.[1]

In-game description

Decades of design work went into perfecting the NDB line of neutron repeaters. The S3 NDB-30 rapidly fires powerful and precise neutron projectiles that will quickly deter anyone foolish enough to get too close.


MaxOx Neutron Repeater 01.png


  1. In-game description 3.10.0
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