Quarreler Cannon

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Kruger Intergalactic
Quarreler Cannon - Shop Display Cutout.png
Quarreler Cannon
ManufacturerKruger Intergalactic (KRIG)
TypeLaser Cannon

The Kruger Quarreler Cannon is a size 3 vehicle laser cannon.[1]


Crafted with precision manufactured parts forged to extremely tight tolerances, designed for top-of-class heat management and assembled to exceed all industry standards, the Quarreler laser autocannon was created by Kruger Intergalactic for true defensive dependability.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
Sabre RavenAegis Dynamics3.21.1-PTU.8892745

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  1. In-game description 3.10.0
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