Dominance-3 Scattergun

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Hurston Dynamics
Dominance-2 - PU Cutout.jpg
Dominance-3 Scattergun
ManufacturerHurston Dynamics (HRST)
TypeLaser Scattergun
UEC cost18,900

The Hurston Dynamics Dominance-3 Scattergun is a size 3 vehicle laser scattergun. It is a part of the Dominance series laser scattergun.[1]


It is available for purchase at the Hurston Dynamics Showcase in Lorville's Central Business District.

In-game description

The Dominance-3 scattergun from Hurston Dynamics showcases the weapons manufacturer's cascade technology. As the operator continues to fire the size three weapon, the better able it is to convert the heat generated into increasingly devastating attacks.


The size 1 to 3 models of Dominance series was introduced in Alpha 3.3.[2]


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