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Omnisky VI Laser Autocannon

Vehicle weapon manufactured by Amon & Reese Co.
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AMRS las can s2.png
Omnisky VI Laser Autocannon
ManufacturerAmon & Reese Co. (AMRS)
TypeLaser Cannon
UEC cost16,000
REC cost1,600
Whitley rating3/5

The Amon & Reese Omnisky VI Laser Autocannon is a S2 energy Ship to Ship weapon.

Store Description

The Omnisky VI is the mid-sized laser cannon from manufacturer A&R. It boasts increased damage and range and power consumption over its smaller brother, the Omnisky III, and utilizes many of the same components resulting in middle-of-the-road power efficiency.[1]


The Omnisky Laser Cannon series was reworked from 2017 to 2018 and the reworked version was released in Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.0.[citation needed ]



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