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Tarantula GT-870 Mark 3 Cannon

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Gallenson Tactical Systems
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Tarantula GT-870 Mark 3 Cannon
ManufacturerGallenson Tactical Systems (GATS)
TypeBallistic Cannon
UEC cost11,000
REC cost1,000

The Gallenson Tactical Systems Tarantula GT-870 Mark 3 Cannon is a size 3 vehicle ballistic cannon. It is a part of the Tarantula GT-870 series ballistic cannon.[1]

In-game description

Fed by Gallenson Tactical’s patented SpinGlide drum ammunition system, the Tarantula GT-870 Mk3 can smoothly and accurately deliver a consistent stream of ballistic shells. Though it only has a moderate rate of fire, its trustworthy durability makes it a dependable addition to any fight.


The size 1 to 3 models of the Tarantula GT-870 Cannon were reworked and released in Alpha 3.5.[2]

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