Tarantula GT-870 Mk3

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Tarantula GT-870 Mk3
ManufacturerGallenson Tactical Systems (GATS)
TypeBallistic Cannon
UEC cost11,000
REC cost1,100
Whitley rating3/5

The Gallenson Tactical Systems Tarantula GT-870 Mk3 is a S3 ballistic Ship to Ship weapon.

Store Description

Fed by Gallenson Tactical’s patented SpinGlide drum ammunition system, the Tarantula GT-870 Mk3 is the Size 3 version of the previously released Mk2. It can smoothly and accurately deliver a variety of medium caliber ballistic shells. Though it only has moderate rate of fire, its trustworthy durability makes it a dependable addition to any fight. (Please note: this is not a Gatling cannon.)[1]