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Tigerstrike T-19P

Size 2 vehicle weapon manufactured by Kruger Intergalactic
Tigerstrike T-19P - Above P-52 Highlited.jpg
Tigerstrike T-19P
ManufacturerKruger Intergalactic (KRIG)
TypeBallistic Gatling

The Kruger Tigerstrike T-19P is a size 2 vehicle ballistic gatling. It is a custom variant of the Tigerstrike series ballistic gatling designed for the P-52 Merlin. It can only be equipped on the nose hardpoint of the Merlin.[1]

In-game description

A custom variant on Kruger Intergalactic’s Tigerstrike line of rotary cannons, this powerful gun was designed in conjunction with the team working on the P-52 Merlin to ensure that it fit seamlessly with the graceful lines of light fighter’s hull while still rapidly delivering round after round with the dependability that one expects from a Kruger weapon.


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