City on Hurston in the Stanton system
Lorville Temporary Splashscreen.png
LocationStanton system    On Hurston
TypeLanding zone
FounderMagda Hurston
Founded2912 CE; 42 years ago (2912)

Lorville is one of the many company towns Hurston Dynamics has established for its employees on the company-owned planet Hurston. Lorville is the only important landing zone on the planet. While the city overlooks some of the larger strip-mining operations that are currently underway, it exists in the shadow of Central Tower, the corporate headquarters for Hurston Dynamics.[1]

Lorville is surrounded by a wall that dwarfs even decently sized ships.[1] The City is located in the Desert, and is close to the Polluted Coast biome.


After Hurston Dynamics purchased Stanton I, the planet was thoroughly scanned to locate the most resource rich sectors. Areas with little resource value were repurposed for factories, research centers, and weapon testing, or (in the case of one particular large swath of land) filled with cheap structures to house on-world workers. Hurston assigned this area the three letter designation LOR for "Local Occupational Residency" and required all on-world workers to live there. No one knows who first called the location LOR-ville, but the term quickly became popular among workers, many of whom were locked into long term work contracts and knew they wouldn't be leaving it anytime soon.[2]

By 2877, the Hurston family realized their vision of building large, lush estates for members of the family across the planet would significantly reduce their ability to extract resources, pollute, and/or test weapons on the land around it. Instead, the family decided to make the LOR both the business and residential center for the entire planet, and construction on the Central Tower began. By then the name Lorville was so ubiquitous that company records even used it, and as far as is known, no real consideration was given to changing it.[2]


Map of the Lorville Transit System

The Lorville Mass Transit System has five main lines - Perimeter Line East, Perimeter Line West, Spaceport Line, Central Line and Commerce Line. There is a general no-fly zone over the city, with landing clearance granted at Teasa Spaceport and the landing pads on top of Central. Garages can be found at the six perimeter gates.

Significant Characters


Central Business District

The Central Business District is Hurston Dynamics' headquarters building, a gigantic structure which dominates the city's skyline. It is home to Central Station, the Archibald Hurston Memorial Hall, Hurston Dynamics' flagship store, and the Transfers Commodity Exchange where Constantine Hurston can be found.

Workers District

Workers District
Workers District

The Workers District has Leavsden Square at its hub, with residential building L19 Residences (El One Nine) nearby containing 60 Player Habs and an administrator. Metro Center Station is in walking distance of L19. The FO19 Production Quad is located in the Workers District. Other points of interest are MacIntyre & Victor's Bar, armor and clothing shop Tammany and Sons, Reclamation & Disposal, Maria Pure of Heart hospital, the Administration Office, Security Building and Leavsden Station. The Workers District may be renamed to L19 Workers District in the future to differentiate it.

Teasa Spaceport

As the main access to Lorville, you must pass through Customs here. So far we are only aware of Terminal 5, featuring the New Deal ship showroom, Archimedes Flight, Vantage Rentals and the obligatory Lost & Found. The Desmond Memorial Convention Center hosted IAE West 2948. The waiting area features ASOP terminals as well as lounges including the Chairman's Club Lounge. Terminal 5 has 8 hangars. Both Domestic and Interplanetary Commercial Flights will be available from Teasa via separate gates.

City Gates

As another potential access to Lorville, you must pass through Customs here. All gates have ASOP terminals and Garages for spawning ground vehicles. From outside the gates are well signposted from the no-fly-zone perimeter, and the gates themselves have blue flashing beacons atop towers. Outside the perimeter you can find Shanty Towns.

Strip Mine

The Strip Mine is connected to the Workers District by the worker train line that runs past M&V Bar.


Commodity Buy Sell Maximum inventory
Agricium 27.50 300,000
Agricultural Supplies 1.20 5,000,000
Aluminium 1.30 1,2000,000
Astatine 9.00 4,000,000
Beryl 4.36 3,500,000
Bexalite 44.00 400,000
Borase 35.20 400,000
Chlorine 1.70 5,000,000
Copper 6.16 400,000
Corundum 2.70 2,500,00
Diamond 7.36 3,000,000
Distilled Spirits 5.55 200,000
Fluorine 2.96 3,500,000
Gold 6.40 3,000,000
Hadanite 275 50,000
Hephaestanite 15.84 400,000
Hydrogen 1.10 2,000,000
Iodine 0.45 3,200,000
Laranite 31.01 500,000
Medical Supplies 19.25 50,000
Processed Food 1.50 20,000,000
Quantanium 88.00 400,000
Quartz 1.56 3,000,000
Revenant Tree Pollen 1.69 800,000
Scrap 1.35 2,304,000
Stims 3.81 200,000
Taranite 35.20 400,000
Titanium 8.90 1,200,000
Tungsten 4.06 2,000,000
Waste 0.005 7,500
Commodity Buy Sell Maximum inventory
Amioshi Plague 13.20 100,000
Aphorite 152.51 100,000
Compboard 22.50 100,000
Degnous Root 13.20 50,000
Distilled Spirits 5.55 16,000
Dolivine 130.00 100,000
Golden Medmon 19.80 50,000
Hadanite 275.00 50,000
Heart of the Woods 22.60 20,000
Hydrogen 1.10 2,000,000
Medical Supplies 19.25 1,000
Pitambu 16.50 100,000
Processed Food 1.50 200,000
Prota 13.80 100,000
Ranta Dung 44.00 100,000
Red Festival Envelope 500.00 100,000
Revenant Pod 16.88 100,000
Scrap 1.35 300,000
Stims 3.81 5,000
Sunset berries 14.30 20,000
Waste 0.01 7,500


Lorville is the first landing zone implemented in the Persistent Universe. The first exterior model was shown in the keynote of CitizenCon 2017 as a part of the procedural city demo..[3] A more polished version with gameplay elements is shown in the keynote of CitizenCon 2018.[4] Lorville was originally planned for Alpha 3.3.0, but it was delayed to Alpha 3.3.5.[5][6]

In Alpha 3.19.0, Lorville is overhauled with improved cityscape.[7]



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