Medium ship manufactured by Esperia

Ship prowler landed.png
ManufacturerEsperia (ESPR)
Cargo capacity0 SCU
Production state
AvailabilityTime limited sales
Length34 m
Beam33 m
Height15 m
Mass171,700 kg
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The Esperia Prowler is a modernized version of the infamous Tevarin armored personnel carrier. It is named after the UPE military designation. Esperia’s astroengineers were given unmitigated access to study original versions of the ship recently discovered in the Kabal system to help meticulously reconstruct the vehicle. Now, the Prowler is the perfect fusion of two cultures: the elegance and effectiveness of the Tevarin war machine combined with the reliability of modern Human technology.[1]


Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
TBD S Radar Small (Small) 1 x 1
TBD S Computer Small (Small) 1 x 2
Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
Power Plants
Tyler Design Cirrus Medium (Medium) 1 x 2
Tyler Design HeatSink Medium (Medium) 1 x 2
Ascension Astro Shimmer Small (Small) 1 x 2

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Fuel Intakes
TBD S Fuel Intake Small (Small) 1 x 2
Fuel Tanks
S Fuel Tank Small (Small) 1 x 2
Quantum Drives
TBD S Quantum Drive Small (Small) 1 x 1
Jump Modules
TBD S Jump Module Small (Small) 1 x 1
Quantum Fuel Tanks
S Quantum Fuel Tank Small (Small) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Type # per mount x Total
Main Thrusters
Retro Thruster N/A x 2
VTOL Thruster N/A x 2
Maneuvering Thrusters
Fixed Maneuvering Thruster N/A 1 x 20

Component Manufacturer Model Details Size (Max) # per mount x Total
TBD S4 Tevarin Ballistic Cannon 4 (5) 1 x 2
TBD S5 Tevarin Laser cannon Remote 5 (5) 1 x 1
TBD TBD Missile (TBD) x 1


Hardened shell

Both the pilot and co-pilot cockpit shield is constructed of kelsun composite utilizing original Tervarin engineering techniques. A process that created the most resilient transparent shielding of that era, a byproduct of the process gives the exterior an opaque coating while still allowing the operator to see out.[2]

Ground runners

Another feature of the Prowler is it's focused gravity emitters that are positioned on the underside, which creates a cushion to allow it to navigate precarious and uneven surfaces such as landscapes or even ship hulls, whilst avoiding scans.[2]

Transforming mechanics

The twin nacelle wings of the Prowler house a pair of low emission thrusters designed to minimize the ship's energy signature profile for a stealthier approach. These wings will also rotate, allowing more maneuvering capabilities in flight, but also double as the ship's landing gear.[2]

Precision offense

A remote turret is placed along the upper spine of the ship, it can be controlled by either the pilot or co-pilot, offering 360 degree weapon coverage against hostile forces.[2]

Rapid Deployment

For the deployment of combat personnel, the Prowler has four Deployment Portholes along each side of the hull. These portholes are outfitted with an airshield meaning that they can be open during flight in both atmosphere and deep space. Each of these portholes is outfitted with a dedicated power supply to guarantee that the airshields will stay online.[2] However, losing your airshields while in space would have the same effect as a hull decompression event. The cockpits won't be affected as they are sealed off from the rest of the ship.[3]

Each station is outfitted with a safety harness to secure soldiers into their positions while in transit.



With the recent discovery of the lost Tevarin planet in the Kabal System, Esperia’s engineers were given unmitigated access to examine the preserved ships found in several of the caches, before meticulously recreating the design choices. The Prowler’s effectiveness as a rapid personnel deployment vehicle was mainly due to its silence. The boarding was constructed using a variety of techniques to minimize its signatures and get close to unsuspecting vessels before quickly deploying their boarders via EVA.[4][2]


With the updated Prowler model, you will find the perfect fusion of two cultures: the elegance and effectiveness of the Tevarin war machine combined with the reliability of modern Human technology.[4][2]

Pledge price history

Date Pledge cost (USD) Insurance Availability Sale
2016-11-18 380 LTI Time-limited + Warbond 2016 anniversary sale [5]
2016-11-18 425 LTI Time-limited 2016 anniversary sale [6]



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