Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2946

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Day One – The Prowler

Ship prowler landed.png

Day one of the IAE saw the announcement of the brand new Esperia Prowler concept ship for sale to the public.

Additionally, ships that are planned for release in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.0 went up for sale, including the Herald information runner and the Caterpillar transport

Day One Ship Sales
Herald85XCaterpillarGladius ValiantIdris-PJavelin

Day Two – RSI & Gladius Valiant

RSIs Constellation Aquila

Day two of the IAE featured Roberts Space Industries (RSI) and its wide selection of versatile, robust starships.

On this day, it was announced that the the Constellation Aquila will be released in the Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.0 and the other Constellation ships (The Phoenix and the Taurus) will be flight ready in the upcoming months.

Finally, the RSI Gladius Valiant was announced as part of the Masters of Flight ship series, boasting a powerful dogfighting loadout and custom livery.

Day Two Ship Sales
Aurora (series)Constellation (series)Gladius ValiantIdris-PJavelin

Day Three – Drake Interplanetary


Drake Interplanetary headed day three of the IAE, bringing their selection of rough, tough, and morally questionable ships to the floor.

Day Three Ship Sales
HeraldCaterpillarDragonflyCutlass ( Black - Red - Blue) • BuccaneerGladius ValiantIdris-PJavelin

Day Four – MISC & Sabre Comet

The IAE's day four focused on MISC, showing off its variety of ships; from the utilitarian Hull series of cargo ships to the xeno-like Reliant

Additionally, a new MISC concept ship was hinted at, supposedly being designed as a racer ship to win the 2947 Murray Cup

Lastly, the Sabre Comet went up on sale, showing off a dogfighting loadout and paint job as part of the Masters of Flight ship series.

Day Four Ship Sales
EndeavorFreelancer (DUR - MAX - MIS) • Reliant (Kore - Tana - Sen - Mako) • Hull (A - B - C - D - E) • ProspectorStarfarerIdris-PJavelin

Day Five – Anvil Aerospace

Anvil Aerospace's floor space emphasised its military history and contracts with the UEE; but also showed off some of its newer civilian ships for exploration and scanning. Whether buyers were looking for a Hornet to protect themselves or a Terrapin to explore the galaxy, Anvil planned to provide them exactly what they were looking for.

Day Five - Anvil Ship Sales
CarrackCrucibleGladiatorHornet(F7C - Ghost - Tracker -Super Hornet) • Sabre CometIdris-PJavelin

Day Six – Origin Jumpworks & Avenger Titan Renegade

Origin 890 Jump in-flight

Day six featured Origin Jumpworks and their sleek, stylish ships; most already seen throughout the galaxy.

Additionally, this was the reveal of the Avenger Titan Renegade, a new ship in the Masters of Flight series produced by Aegis Dynamics

Day Six - Origin Ship Sales
300 (series) ( 300i - 315p - 325a - 350r ) • M50 Interceptor85X890 JumpAvenger Titan RenegadeIdris-PJavelin

Day Seven – Exotic Manufacturers

The focus of day seven was the Exotic Ship Manufacturers Council (ESMC) which is a coalition of companies producing strange, exotic, and niche ships. From the Banu crafted Merchantman to the Merlin snub fighter, these ship design are often innovative, exotic, and simply strange.

Day Seven - Exotic Ship Sales
MerlinKhartu-alMPUVMerchantmanArchimedesStarlinerMustang( Alpha - Beta - Delta - Gamma - Omega ) • Avenger Titan RenegadeIdris-PJavelin

Day Eight – Aegis Dynamics & Hornet Wildfire

Aegis Dynamics rounds out the second-last day of the IAE, displaying its selection of military-turned-civilian ships such as the stealthy Sabre or the hard-hitting Retaliator.

The last Masters of Flight ships was released on this day, the F7C Hornet Wildfire. Featuring a powerful dogfighting loadout, this modified F7C Hornet pays tribute to famed pilot Aria Reilly.

Day Eight - Aegis Ship Sales
GladiusReclaimerRedeemerMerchantmanRetaliatorSabreAvenger( Stalker - Titan - Warlock ) • Vanguard( Warden - Sentinel - Harbinger ) • StarfarerF7C Hornet WildfireIdris-PJavelin

Day Nine – Grand Finale

Closing off the IAE, day nine put every previously-featured ship on sale as a grand finale.

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