Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950

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Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950
Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950
Event typeIn-game
SubtypeShip exposition
OrganizerIntergalactic Aerospace Expo
LocationTobin Expo Center, New Babbage, microTech
Date startNovember 20, 2950 (2950-11-20)
Doors open at 16:00 SET
Date endDecember 2, 2950 (2950-12-02)
Concept salesNomad
Commemorative itemsIAE 2950 T-shirt
IAE 2950 Hat
Various ship skins
Free-fly eventYes;
Accounts without a package can play, starting at Nov 20, 22:00 SET
Free rentalsYes (48 hours)
Stock-limited salesYes;
Pioneer, Idris-P, Javelin, Hull-E, Kraken, 890 Jump, Polaris, Constellation Phoenix

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 is a 13 day ship exposition event held at Tobin Expo Center in New Babbage. The expo is an annual event that brings ships of all different manufacturers together to be displayed at several expo halls.[1]

Each 24 hours, a new manufacturer opens up their halls to display their ships. Manufacturers display their ships for 48 hours. Any ship displayed is available to rent and fly for free for a period of 48 [2] hours.

As in previous years, Jax McCleary was present at the event providing detailed coverage with his Whitley's Guide videos.[1]

Stock limited sale schedule

The event also featured sales of stock limited ships on the Pledge Store. These ships are considered 'exclusive' and are therefore only sold in limited quantities over a small period of time. Each stock-limited ship is limited to 1 per account and will be available in three waves:

  • Wave 1: 16:00 UTC
  • Wave 2: 00:00 UTC
  • Wave 3: 08:00 UTC

Launch day issues

At the same moment of the launch of the IAE (nov 20, 1600 UTC), the RSI website experienced a high amount of errors and people were unable to access the website, Pledge Store, or Spectrum in the first hour. Login services were also disrupted so people couldn't log into the launcher and start the game. People already in the game were unaffected.[3] The issue was mostly resolved within a few hours.

Showcase schedule

Showcases were available at Tobin Expo center, where they rotated different ship brands each several days. All of the ships on display on these days were also available to fly for free during a period of 48 hours.[1][4]

Period Brands Location Ships Map
Nov 20-21 Argo Astronautics/Greycat Industrial/Consolidated Outland Apex Hall 1,2 / Lower Level / Holosuite Nomad, Mustang series, Mole, MPUV series, ROC, PTV IAE Expo 2950 - Day 1 - Greycat-Argo-CO.png
Nov 21-22 Aegis Dynamics Zenith Hall 1-5 / Lower level / Holosuite Avenger series, Eclipse, Gladius, Hammerhead, Reclaimer, Retaliator, Sabre, Vanguard series IAE Expo 2950 - Day 2 - Aegis.png
Nov 22-23 Anvil Aerospace Apex Hall 1-3 / Lower level / Holosuite Arrow, Ballista, C8X Pisces Expedition, Carrack, Hornet series, Gladiator, Hawk, Hurricane, Terrapin, Valkyrie IAE Expo 2950 - Day 3 - Anvil.png
Nov 23-24 Crusader Industries/Tumbril/Kruger Intergalactic Zenith Hall 1 / Lower level / Holosuite Mercury Star Runner, Cyclone series, P-52 Merlin, P-72 Archimedes IAE Expo 2950 - Day 4 - Tumbril-Crusasder-Kruger.png
Nov 24-25 MISC Apex Hall 1, 2, 5 / Lower level / Holosuite Freelancer series, Prospector, Razor series, Reliant series, Starfarer Gemini IAE Expo 2950 - Day 5 - MISC.png
Nov 25-26 Drake Interplanetary Zenith Hall 1 / Lower level / Holosuite Buccaneer, Caterpillar, Cutlass series, Dragonfly, Herald IAE Expo 2950 - Day 6 - Drake.png
Nov 26-27 Aopoa/Souli/Esperia Apex Hall 1 / Lower level / Holosuite Khartu-al, Nox, Defender, Blade (replica), Glaive (replica), Prowler IAE Expo 2950 - Day 7 - Esperia-Banu-Aopoa.png
Nov 27-28 Origin Jumpworks Zenith Hall 1-5 / Lower level / Holosuite 85X, 100 series, 300 series, 600i Touring, 890 Jump, M50 IAE Expo 2950 - Day 8 - Origin.png
Nov 28-29 Roberts Space Industries Apex Hall 1, 2, 5 / Lower level / Holosuite Aurora series, Constellation series, Mantis, Ursa Rover IAE Expo 2950 - Day 9 - RSI.png
Nov 29 - Dec 02 Best in show/weapons & armor/ship rentals Zenith Hall 1 / Lower level Carrack, Valkyrie, Eclipse, Cutlass Black (with best in show liveries) IAE Expo 2950 - Day 10 -.png

Whitley's Guide

Jax McCleary did exclusive coverage of each day, with some looks behind the scenes of some of the ships as well.



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