Kraken Privateer

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Privateer - Landed Rear Port.jpg
Kraken Privateer
ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary (DRAK)
FocusMulti-role, light carrier
Production stateIn Concept
Maximum crew10
Cargo capacity768 SCU
Pledge cost2,000 USD
Length270 m
Beam104 m
Height64 m

The Kraken Privateer, manufactured by Drake, is a variant of the Kraken intended to serve as a mobile marketplace or outpost. 'The ship can accommodate many ships and also offer habitation for travelers that may want to stay a little longer.'[1]


  • Public market: Eight separate shops, each with 189 SCU of secure storage for stock and consumables. Players and NPCs can buy goods here.
  • Private market: The private marketplace houses two additional shops, each with 189 SCU of storage space.
  • Internal Hangars: A spacious multi-purpose hangar with XS landing plattforms for vehicles like the Buccaneer or Herald.[2]
  • Landing Platforms: The Kraken has four pads for smaller craft, two larger platforms for medium-sized ships, and a hanger for personal vehicles.
  • Habitation units: 'The Kraken's landing pads, ample defenses, and generous onboard accommodations perfectly lend themselves to the Privateer conversion, offering security and amenities for buyers and sellers alike.'
  • Turrets: Five manned and four remote turrets, positioned at strategic vantage points around the ship.
  • Bridge: The ship possess a commando bridge.
  • Engineering: Easy access to the ship's engineering platform lets your crew effortlessly keep the engines stoked and your flying marketplace on course.[1]
  • Med bay: According to CIG, a very 'low-level facility' is planned.[2]



  • Kraken: the base variant is designated as a multi-role Light Carrier.[3][4] A conversion from Kraken to Kraken Privateer can't be undone and is permament. It is not possible to 'mix and match each variant’s pieces.'[2]


Drake partnered with Cousin Crow's Custom Craft to create this conversion. They are known for their quality aftermarket conversions of large-scale vessels, and this Kraken turns the ferocious Kraken attack carrier into a private yet legal marketplace.[1]


The Kraken Privateer was revealed during CitizenCon 2949 and made available for pledge purchase during the seventh day of the 2949 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. It was available in limited numbers as a Warbond purchase, standard purchase, and a Kraken to Kraken Privateer conversion kit.[1]


The ship will not 'disappear' after their owner has logged out. Like every capital ship, the Kraken will be remaining in the game 'until various conditions are satisfied.'[2]


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