Invictus Launch Week 2953

Event organized in 2953 by the United Empire of Earth Navy
Invictus Launch Week 2953
Invictus Launch Week 2953
Event typeIn-game
SubtypeNavy promotion week
OrganizerUnited Empire of Earth Navy
LocationBevic Convention Center,
Date start16:00, May 19, 2953 (2953-05-19T16:00)
Date end20:00, May 30, 2953 (2953-05-30T20:00)
Concept salesFury, Storm
Commemorative itemsIn-game clothing, vehicle paints etc
Free-fly eventYes (see Event activities)
Free rentalsYes (48 hours)
Stock-limited salesYes (see Stock limited sale schedule)

The 2953 edition of the Invictus Launch Week is held from May 19-30, 2953 at Bevic Convention Center, Area18. The event includes Drake DefenseCon 2953 from May 27-28.[annotation 1][1]

Invictus Launch Week is a yearly recurring event organized by the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) which marks the beginning of the new recruitment year. It is an official holiday in the UEE.[2]

Event activities

During the event there is:

  • A Free-Fly event allowing new players to play the game for free. Accounts without a Game package can play from May 19 to 30, and receive an Avenger Titan as a loaner ship during the event.[3][4]
  • Show floors that display aerospace and defense manufacturers' work designed for the military.[1]
  • Watch UEE Naval fleet flyby's through the Stanton system.[1]
  • Take a tour of an in-service Javelin destroyer.[5]
  • ArcCorp postcard creation contest running on Spectrum [6]

Stock limited sale schedule

The event also features sales of stock limited ships on the Pledge Store. These ships are considered 'exclusive' and are therefore only sold in limited quantities over a small period of time. Each stock-limited ship is limited to 1 per account and sale windows are usually available in 3 waves:[3]

Click the individual time slots for a conversion to your own time zone.

ILW Day 3 - May 21: Idris-P, Javelin 1600 UTC - 0000 UTC - 0800 UTC
ILW Day 7 - May 25: Constellation Phoenix 1600 UTC - 0000 UTC - 0800 UTC
ILW Day 9 - May 27: Kraken, Kraken Privateer 1600 UTC - 0000 UTC - 0800 UTC
Showcase schedule

Showcase schedule

Showcases are available at the exposition location, where they rotate different ship brands each several days. All of the ships on display on these days are also available to rent for free for 48 hours.[1] Showfloor switches in the game happen at 1600 UTC.

May 19/20 (Day 1/2) Manufacturers: Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern, Mirai, Crusader Industries Ships: Fury, Fury MX, Razor EX, Freelancer MIS, Reliant Tana, Starfarer Gemini, Ares Ion, Ares Inferno, Mercury Star Runner, A2 Hercules, C2 Hercules, M2 Hercules
May 21/22 (Day 3/4) Manufacturers: Aegis Dynamics Ships: Avenger Stalker, Avenger Titan, Avenger Titan Renegade, Avenger Warlock, Eclipse, Gladius, Gladius Valiant, Hammerhead, Redeemer, Retaliator Bomber, Sabre, Sabre Comet, Harbinger, Hoplite, Sentinel, Warden
May 23/24 (Day 5/6) Manufacturers: Anvil Aerospace Ships: Arrow, Ballista, C8R Pisces Rescue, C8X Pisces, Carrack, F7C Hornet, F7C Hornet Wildfire, F7C-M Super Hornet, F7C-R Hornet Tracker, F7C-S Hornet Ghost, Gladiator, Hawk, Hurricane, Spartan, Terrapin, Valkyrie
May 25/26 (Day 7/8) Manufacturers: Argo Astronautics, Tumbril, Origin Jumpworks, Consolidated Outland, Roberts Space Industries Ships: Nova Tank, Cyclone MT, Cyclone AA, Cyclone RN, Cyclone TR, Aurora LN, Constellation Andromeda, Constellation Aquila, Constellation Phoenix, Constellation Taurus, Lynx Rover, Mantis, Scorpius, Scorpius Antares, Ursa Rover, Origin 125a, Origin 325a, Mustang Delta, MPUV-1P
May 27/28 (Day 9/10)
Manufacturers: Drake Interplanetary (part of Drake DefenseCon) Ships: Buccaneer, Caterpillar, Corsair, Cutlass Black, Cutlass Blue, Cutlass Red, Cutlass Steel, Cutter, Dragonfly Black, Herald, Vulture
May 29/30 (Day 11/12) Finale As Invictus Launch Week comes to a close, all vehicles from the previous days are available to rent for free.

Javelin tour and fleet flyby

Bengal carrier UEES Barbary with escorts in flight over Crusader

During Invictus Launch Week, you can tour an in-service Javelin destroyer, the UEES War Hammer.[5] The Javelin moves through Stanton, so everyone has a chance to enjoy the tour.

The tour will stop at the following locations, in order:[7]

The Navy will also make their way through Stanton. RSI Bengal, Aegis Idris, and other destroyers are among the ships that make up the big fleet.

They will be flying through at these space stations:

Shirts and hats available at the event lobby.

Commemorative items

At the event, you were able to purchase manufacturer-specific clothing, as well as several Invictus branded items, and paints from the Pledge store.

From in-game:

From Pledge Store:



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  1. Dates shown in-game are May 19-26 for Invictus and 27-30 for DefenseCon. This is somewhat confusing but seems to be of little difference regardless.
  2. This paint was only obtainable in the pledge store by buying a "C8X Pisces Invictus Starter Pack", a game package, for US$45.
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