C8R Pisces Rescue

Single-seat search and rescue snub ship manufactured by Anvil Aerospace
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C8R Pisces Rescue
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The C8R Pisces Rescue is a small medical ship manufactured by Anvil Aerospace, often deployed from a Carrack pathfinder or other Large ship. It is the medical variant of the C8 Pisces that is a deft and swift search and rescue ship. An onboard Tier 3 Medical bed allows the Pisces to treat minor injuries better than a MedPen; stabilizing patients on their way to a larger medical facility.[1]


  • Medical: With the addition of an onboard Tier 3 medbed, the C8R treats minor injuries and keeps patients stable while transporting them to the safety of a larger ship or medical facility.
  • Stowage: The Pisces is capable of carrying up to 4000k μSCU of internal stowage. The C8R Pisces also has a dedicated "Patient" storage locker that is publicly accessible by all passengers, and a "Crew" storage locker that is accessible only by the ship's owner. As well, there is a refrigerated storage cabinet that is pre-filled with a selection of medpens and water.
  • Weapons: Even though the vehicle is built for rescue and recovery, the ship has a pair of Size 1 guns as well as two Size 1 missiles installed to help defend itself.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
C8R in space - Isometric.jpg
C8R in space - Above.jpg
C8R in space - Port.jpg
C8R in space - Front.jpg
C8R in space - Rear.jpg
C8R in space -Below.jpg

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
Anvil C8R Pisces DEFAULT.jpg

Series variants

Image Name Description
C8 in space - Isometric.jpg
C8 Pisces The original C8 Pisces is designed to be the 'runabout' vehicle for the Carrack explorer and is capable of being stored inside it. The ship has a grey paint scheme and features two gun hard-points instead of four. The C8 was never sold as a standalone pledge.
C8X in space - Isometric.jpg
C8X Pisces Expedition A special variant of the C8 Pisces, this variant is recognizable by its slightly whiter paint job than the standard version, and it has four weapon hardpoints instead of two.[2]


Universe availability



The C8R Pisces is first spotted publicly in the files of the Alpha 3.17.4 PTU build.[3]


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