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Current Landing zones in Star Citizen:

Landing Zone Body System Production Status
Levski Delamar Nyx 3.0 in Stanton
Lorville Hurston Stanton 3.3.5
Area 18 ArcCorp Stanton Social Module/3.5
New Babbage microTech Stanton 3.8.0/3.9.0
Orison Crusader Stanton 3.14

Planned Landing zones in Star Citizen, subject to change:

Landing Zone Body System Production Status
GIO Baker IV Baker Unknown
Stalford Rytif Bremen Unknown
Boro Crion Caliban
(Vanduul Occupied)
Carteyna Arcology Carteyna Cano Unknown
Sherman Cascom Castra Unknown
NKZ Spider Cathcart Unknown
Archibald Station Yar Centauri Unknown
Fujin City Saisei Centauri Unknown
New Junction Lo Corel Unknown
Quinton Angeli Croshaw Unknown
Jele City Vann Croshaw Unknown
Jata Cestulus Davien Unknown
Aydo Green Ellis Unknown
Reza's Landing Vosca Elysium Unknown
Gemma Jalan Elysium Unknown
Tram Asura Ferron Unknown
Shoel Hyperion Fora Unknown
Spire Arcology Tat'Ko Geddon Unknown
Lyre Cassel Goss Unknown
Mariana Tangaroa Helios Whitebox or laterTemplate:RSI
Tanys Locke Idris Unknown
Su'Shora Tovaroh Kayfa Unknown
Odyssa Borea Magnus Whitebox or laterTemplate:RSI
Reis Lago Nexus Unknown
Char Cole Nul Unknown
Olympus Ashana Nul Unknown
Raleigh Station Vili Odin Unknown
Port Conrad Armitage Orion
(Vanduul Occupied)
Yahti Shorvu Rihlah Unknown
Corilla Xi Rihlah Unknown
Moscow Earth Sol Unknown
New York Earth Sol Unknown
Shanghai Earth Sol Unknown
Port Renatus Mars Sol Unknown
Prime Terra Terra Greybox
Quasi Terra Terra Unknown
New Austin Terra Terra Unknown
Haven Tyrol V Tyrol Unknown
New Corvo Aremis Vega Unknown
Titus Selene Vega Unknown

Other cities (not confirmed as landing zones):

City Body System
Kesseli Lorona Banshee
Aten Serling Horus
Forge Echo MacArthur Kilian
Forge Quintus MacArthur Kilian
Eri City Severus Kiel
Carey Reisse Rhetor
Bethor Taranis III Taranis
Front Row Lanisto Tyrol
Kastak Virgil I Virgil
(Vanduul Occupied)


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